Student Handbook

3. Administrative Policies and Procedures

3.12. Course Completion Policy

Successful course completion requires students to achieve a grade of 80% overall (please see the Course Syllabus for specific information on the assignment grade breakdown). As Life Strategies supports mastery learning, at the end of the course, if a student has not achieved 80% overall, they will have an opportunity to resubmit one assignment in an effort to improve the grade (note: any resubmitted assignment has a maximum available grade of 85%). This assignment re-submission must be negotiated with the instructor and must be handed in no later than one week after the course ends. Further, it cannot be an assignment that the student has previously re-submitted (see Assignments section of this handbook for further detail). Please note that there is no opportunity to negotiate or increase participation grades. As such, it's important for students to keep on top of their discussion forum contributions. 

If a student is still unable to achieve an overall grade of 80%, they will be given an incomplete for the course; however, they will be eligible to reregister for the course the next time it is offered, at 50% of the current course fee. Successful completion of the course the 2nd time it is attempted will result in a maximum grade of 80%, regardless of how well the student does in all the assignments.