Technical Tips & Tricks

2. Moodle Basics

2.2. Setting Your Profile Preferences 

Here are some tips to help you set profile preferences. Your profile can be accessed from the LearnOnline home page or from within your specific course at any time.

  1. Click your name on the upper right-hand corner
  2. Select "Profile"
  3. Click “Edit profile” from the "User details" section
  4. Review the options available to you
    • Click on “Expand all” to display all settings and options
    • Note: If we've set up your profile, you will notice that we’ve also set some standards. These are our recommendations to you; however, feel free to customize to fit your needs
  5. Set your account preferences 
    • Email display: Set to “Allow other course members to see my e-mail address”; only hide if you do not want your email shared with other students
    • Time Zone: Set to “Server’s local time” so the Moodle times will match your time zone.
    • Description: Post a brief bio within this section. This is similar to the type of introduction you would make in a traditional classroom. 
    • Upload a photo of yourself or some other picture that represents you (e.g., an "avatar") within the "User picture" section. Because we won’t “see” you in person, a photo can help create the classroom atmosphere. You can either drag and drop the picture or click the add file icon Add file to bring the “File picker” where you can select “Upload a file” and then 
    • Add any additional information you’d like within the "Additional names," "Interests," and "Optional" sections
  6. Save your changes by click “Update profile”