Technical Tips & Tricks

2. Computer Requirements

2.3. Potential Issues for MAC Users

When accessing the course site using a Mac computer, you may experience one of a few known compatibility issues. The course site has been tested using both Safari and Firefox browsers.

Some courses have video resources which have been uploaded as .wmv files. Although these will open using Safari, you may experience issues with Firefox. We recommend downloading Flip for Mac or some other compatibility program.

PowerPoint files that are created using a more recent version of Office that incorporates open XML in the files (.PPTX format). If you have difficulty opening these slideshows from your Mac, download the "open XML converter" tool from Microsoft's website.

Depending on your browser settings, when accessing documents using Safari, the documents will open into a second window, quite easily and without downloads. When opening documents using Firefox, the document will open in another window and will create a download to your desktop.