Technical Tips & Tricks

4. Course Activities

4.4. Assignments

Submitting Assignments 

After you have prepared your assignment offline using a word processing software, you can submit your assignment on the course site

  1. Select the specific assignment
  2. Click "Add submission" 
  3. Find the file submission box and either drag and drop your file in or use the Add file icon
  4. Click "Save changes"
  5. Review submission status to ensure it reads "Submitted for grading"
    • Please verify that you've submitted the assignment for grading and not as a draft. Draft submissions won't show as a completed task; however, your instructor will generally accept draft submissions as final once the due date passes.

Reviewing Feedback

Instructors will grade and return feedback via the assignment feature. In most instances, you will receive an email notification that your assignment has been graded. Generally, detailed feedback will be provided to you using the comments / track changes feature within Word. When reviewing feedback, be sure that your review settings are to show "All Markup." If you need more details on seeing edits within your document, visit Microsoft's help page.  

Viewing Final Grades

Your final grades will be available at the end of the course. They will be posted within the "Grades" section of the "Navigation" panel (i.e., see the slide-out menu on the left-hand side). We recommend students print an unofficial copy of their grades from the gradebook on the course site for their own records.