Student Handbook

3. Administrative Policies and Procedures

3.2. Registration Procedure

New students to our programs and courses should first refer to the Application Procedures section of this handbook. Students will also want to review the course pre-requisites (visit our website) and connect with our team, should they have any questions regarding their eligibility and suitability for our programs.

Note: Life Strategies’ does offer customized e-learning solutions. If students would like to discuss customization options, they should contact

When students are ready to register, orders can be placed through our Online StoreSelect the appropriate category from the Store Navigation menu (right-hand side) or use the search feature to find the desired course.

Students should select the appropriate start date and click “Add to cart.” They can either “Continue Shopping” to find another course or “Checkout” to review the “Shopping Cart.” All students should review their order in the "Shopping Cart" carefully for accuracy prior to proceeding to payment.

There are three options for payment:

  1. Cheque Payments: For any students seeking to make payment via cheques, after verifying the items in the cart and clicking "proceed to checkout," they will be asked to enter in some billing information. Next, ensure the "cheque payments" is selected before finalize your order by clicking "place order."  A formal invoice with payment instructions will be issued within a few business days from Cheques can be sent to the mailing address on the invoice; please include the invoice number as a reference. 
  2. PayPal: Our online store uses PayPal integration. For those shoppers seeking to make payments through their PayPal accounts, they can choose to pay via PayPal directly on the item's page or to add it into their cart and select the PayPal option during checkout. Shoppers will be redirected to a secure PayPal page to sign into their account and confirm the transaction.  
  3. Credit Cards: For those seeking to pay via credit card, our online store also uses a secure virtual terminal to collect and process payments. Instead of signing into a PayPal account during checkout, shoppers can enter in their credit card details after verifying the items in the card and entering in the requested billing information.

    Note: All orders will be reviewed for accuracy and adjusted as necessary. A formal invoice and/or paid receipt will follow the order submission with a few business days once it's been processed.

Students will receive an email confirmation of the order immediately after it is placed; however, all orders will be reviewed prior to processing to ensure program/course suitability. Once the order is approved, the credit card will be processed and an email confirmation will be issued. If credit card information wasn't submitted, a formal invoice will follow within a few business days.

Some courses require registration 2-3 weeks in advance to allow time to order the required training materials; late registrations (i.e., 1 week prior to start date) may be subject to a $50.00 (plus tax) fee. Register for three or more courses at once to receive a 10% discount. Full payment is due no later than 1 week before the course start date. 

Courses may require students purchase additional textbooks and materials or make include recommended optional textbooks/materials. Some are available directly through Life Strategies; others can be purchased through alternative distributors. Students are responsible to arrange access to these required textbook(s) and material(s) prior to the course start. Be aware of shipping timelines if purchasing physical materials. All textbook and materials requirements, including ordering details, are listed within online store (see the description) as well as our main website (see the course outline). 

Students seeking to arrange a payment plan must contact our office directly to discuss special arrangments.

Students experiencing any issues with the registration process or having questions regarding payment can contact our office. 

Courses with insufficient registrations may be postponed or cancelled up to 1 week prior to the course start date. If this is the case, any active students will be notified via email. These students may opt to transfer to the next session or request a full refund of training fees.