Student Handbook

3. Administrative Policies and Procedures

3.4. Course Transfer Policy

Students are permitted up to two transfers per course; transfer requests must be received in writing a minimum of 24 hours prior to the start date of the course with the exception of directed study courses. There is a $50.00 administrative fee for each transfer; however, this fee will only be applied if the student ultimately chooses to withdraw (course withdrawal fees will also apply). After one year has passed, the credit expires and can no longer be applied.

For example:

    • If a student requests a transfer from one course to another AND successfully completes the course, no transfer fee applies. In most cases, we find our students fall under this category – they aren’t able to successfully complete a course at the originally scheduled time due to a family emergency, health-related challenges, or other workload issue; however, they can within the next offering when it’s a better time for learning. 
    • If a student requests a transfer from one course to another, BUT withdraws prior to the start of the course, a $50 administrative fee (for the previous transfer) and a $50 course withdrawal fee will apply; the balance will be refunded. This situation is less common as students do have the option to transfer one more time; however, at times, students do decide they can’t make it work and we’re happy to offer a partial refund. 
    • If a student requests a second transfer, but ultimately withdraws, a $50 administrative fee for EACH transfer (2 courses = $100) plus a $50 course withdrawal fee ($150 total); the balance will not be refunded but 50% of it can be applied towards another purchase. In the event that students aren’t able to successfully engage in learning after two transfers, we’re happy to offer a partial refund.

Note: Refunds will be issued via cheque.