Student Handbook

5. Writing Guidelines

5.1. Plagiarism & Use of Artificial Intelligence

LearnOnline instructors take plagiarism and incorrect credit for another’s work very seriously. All assignments must be original work (i.e., something a student has prepared specifically for the current course) appropriately crediting sources for concepts and words. This includes the use of any AI-generated content. Similar to other content available online, AI may offer inspiration and can support research efforts, it cannot be presented as a student’s complete work. Students are expected to synthesize their ideas from multiple sources in their own words. Direct quotes and paraphrasing are welcomed; however, students must indicate their source.

An additional note of caution regarding AI – many of the biases that are inherent and embedded into our academic literature and North American / Western culture are infused into AI. It’s important that all of our work, including student’s submissions, seek to address and challenge these biases. We’d welcome critical analysis of AI-generated ideas within assignment submissions.  

Although not always intentional, plagiarism is not acceptable in an academic environment. Students are not required to submit assignments in any one particular format (e.g., APA); however, students should ensure that any sources used for the assignment are credited accurately either in a reference list or footnote, or another way within the assignment document.

Instructors who suspect plagiarism is an issue in a student’s assignment will contact the student noting the area of concern. Plagiarism in any assignments may result in a grade of zero if not appropriately addressed. Persistent incidents of plagiarism will result in removal from the course and/or program.

For detailed information on plagiarism, visit: