Student Handbook

1. Support Team

Although students will complete their training fully online, they will not do so in isolation. Several people comprise the Life Strategies' LearnOnline support team. 


Each course has at least one assigned instructor. The instructor will send the opening welcome message to students with important information on getting started in their course. The instructor's contact information will be posted on the main course page as well.

The instructor will check into the course site at least once per day and often far more than that. Instructors will also respond to emails that come directly to them (i.e., not via the course site) within 24-hours. If a student needs a "real-time" conversation either via telephone or an Instant Message “chat,” they can contact the instructor through the course site or via email to set up an appointment. Some of our instructors travel extensively, across a variety of time zones, others work from home offices so incoming phone calls late at night, early in the morning, or on weekends may disturb their families. Scheduling any necessary phone calls in advance will ensure that the student will get focused attention, wherever the instructor may be in the world at that time.

Course Administrator

Students may notice another team member active in the course site as we set up / take down courses, monitor enrollment, and support students' issues if they arise. Contact if you have any questions for the course administrator. 

Student Advisor

Students who require support with course planning can connect with our student advisor ( The student advisor helps students proactively manage their course load and plan for successful course completion. 

Technical Support

Our technical support team is available via phone (604-856-2386) or email ( The phone is checked during our regular office hours and the tech support email is checked periodically throughout the evenings and weekends. If a student requires immediate assistance outside of regular office hours, the instructor may be able to offer support.

A member of our team also monitors the Technical Support forum within the course site and will respond within 24 hours to inquiries posted there as well.