Student Handbook

4. Course Learning Activities

4.1. Course Syllabus (Book)

This Student Handbook is an example of a book – a collection of multiple pages interconnected together. A book is divided into several chapters and sub-chapters. A table of contents is available for students seeking to navigate to specific pages of the book. Students can also use the arrows at the top and bottom of the page to navigate to the previous and next pages.

In each course, students will find a Course Syllabus  in the general course area . Students must read this carefully at the beginning of the course so they know what to expect and can plan their time accordingly. 

Generally, the Course Syllabus sections include:

  • Course Structure & Schedule - This section presents the general information including course description and learning objectives, and general progression of the course. 
  • Evaluation - This section presents a brief description of the required assignments including  their due date. Students will find a link to the specific grading criteria.
  • Topical Content - This section presents a topical breakdown, summary of course learning activities, and important deadlines. Students will find a link to the specific topical block within the course.