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Glossary: Student Testimonials

Joscelyn A. Davis, President & CEO, JADE Strategies, Inc.

I'm truly looking forward to activating the knowledge I've acquired from this course. I believe I have a solid base from which to launch thanks to the excellent facilitation and flexible format I experienced in the October 2017 online cohort.

Initially, I had doubts about the effectiveness of an online course for this subject-matter. However, between Cassie's strong subject knowledge and engagement skills and Roberta Neault's additional involvement, this course turned out to be an excellent experience. I learned much from them, as well as from my colleagues in the course. As a working adult in the United States, I also appreciated the work-at-your-own-pace approach, which allowed me to be able to take the course.


Karen Cross

As I expected, this was another awesome course! I enjoyed learning about the Let’s CHAT! model and can see its application in my current and future work.

~ Karen Cross, BSW, RRP, Employment Consultant, Nanaimo, BC

Kim Schmid

The instructor really added to the forum discussions on each topic and responded on a personal basis. She added many relevant and thought-provoking statements, making the learning experience much richer. She was attentive and encouraging.

I found this course to be excellent. Informative with so much applicable information to be used immediately in your daily practice. Very thought-provoking and makes you reflect on your own and your organization's ethics and principles.


Lynn Harvey

Its a great reminder of what I’m here for and to truly set boundaries and respect for self and client.

There’s so much you can learn and take from this course and others feedback.


Maggie Rogers

Your feedback is much appreciated. A related course I recently completed didn’t provide feedback on assignments other than whether or not we had passed, so now I'm doubly aware of how great the Life Strategies courses are! 

~ Maggie Rogers, CMPP Student

Manisha Mudgil

It is not possible for a working professional to enroll for a regular course. An online course likes this gave me so much flexibility and time to learn. I learned at my own pace and had possibilities to manage other stuff. It is definitely worth learning on an online platform.    

Marion Storm

As a grandfathered Certified Career Development Professional, I found taking the program expanded my horizons and deepened my understanding while respecting and valuing my experience. I balked at having to do the project in order to get certification. However, after having completed a practical project that enhances my work, I can say it was well worth the time and energy. I fully intend on continuing taking courses as life-long learning is a part of me, and Life Strategies gives me programming that fits into my lifestyle.

~ Marion Storm, CMPP Student

Matt Baumgartner, Career Developer

I have already recommended it to my co-workers as it will help them be better coaches with our clients and to understand the process on help to move the clients forward. 

Very good course would recommend it for career coaches. Lot's of great tools to use in my tool book.

Mildred van't Padje - Case Manager/Employment Counselor

Overall, I think it has great material especially if you are new to this position or even this field.


Nancy Scammell

I very much enjoyed the course...there was much to take away for those working in business. Marking was prompt and the feedback was excellent. There are lots of take-aways in terms of handouts and the ability to reconnect or stay connected via the Life Strategies Learn Online Reconnect. Excellent resources, excellent timeframe for those working full-time and excellent tutor support. Thanks for the opportunity to learn something that I will use at work on a regular basis. I have already drafted 2 proposals…

~ Nancy Scammell, Proposal Writing / Responding to RFPs Student