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Ella Valdez

As always, Dr. Diana Abath is an amazing facilitator, her insights and assertions are valued and inspired me so much.

Emmanuel Shamatutu

The Case Manager course is a cutting edge, integrative, inspiring approach to Case Management . . . offering practical and motivational content to help you gain the courage to take charge of your case loads. I strongly recommend the course to anyone seeking a new approach to Case Management.

~ Emmanuel Shamatutu, CCDP, Senior Career Consultant Career Builder Plus David lam Campus

Ennie Chipembere Chikwema

It’s a real honor and privilege to be on your program, to be taught by you, to read you and to be going into partnership with you Thank you for everything you have done and are doing for the career development profession in Canada and abroad. One of them being designing a very robust and good program that is also open to international students who would otherwise not have accessed such professional development. My people and I thank you and your team

Ennie Chipembere Chikwema, Head – Programme Quality, M&E, Learning and Knowledge | Actionaid International