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Jane Chukwujekwu, Clinical Social Worker

This is a good course for any clinician who may be interested in administering level B Psychometric tests.

A good approach to online learning.

Janice Adams

Taking courses through Life Strategies has been such an invaluable experience; the instructors are fantastic, the course content excellent and on-line learning environment allows isolated communities to keep up-to date and take courses. There are so many courses that I still want to take so I this is definitely not the end.

~ Janice Adams, CCDP, B.ED., Career Practitioner/Manager of Fort Nelson Employment Services, CMPP Student

Job Developer Nova Scotia Works

I would recommend this course because I feel your institution specializes in the employment field and therefore have a better understanding.

Very enjoyable keep up the wonderful work that you do.

Jocelyn Isnardy

I sure enjoyed participating in this Job Club Coach training program. I have learned so much new information which I am going to implement with clients that come through our doors along with sharing with my coworkers.  I have learned a lot more on how to produce marketing resumes to pass the elimination factors. I also was so glad to learn about resume “Headlines” as an awesome tool to put onto a resume… I sure enjoyed the adult facilitation component and I’m going to put some of my new knowledge into my upcoming computer training… I didn’t think there were so many steps for interviews. I am going to reread my material in leisure to sponge all the great information that was provided. 

~ Jocelyn Isnardy, Williams Lake Employment Services, Resource Centre Coordinator

Joscelyn A. Davis, President & CEO, JADE Strategies, Inc.

I'm truly looking forward to activating the knowledge I've acquired from this course. I believe I have a solid base from which to launch thanks to the excellent facilitation and flexible format I experienced in the October 2017 online cohort.

Initially, I had doubts about the effectiveness of an online course for this subject-matter. However, between Cassie's strong subject knowledge and engagement skills and Roberta Neault's additional involvement, this course turned out to be an excellent experience. I learned much from them, as well as from my colleagues in the course. As a working adult in the United States, I also appreciated the work-at-your-own-pace approach, which allowed me to be able to take the course.