Values-based leadership is a holistic approach addressing three dimensions: the characteristics of the individual leader, the interpersonal relationships and group dynamics of those working with the leader, and the specific organizational context in which they exist. With the context of community-based organizations, this series supports leaders as agents of change, visionaries, and motivators. Topics such as leadership and change, self-awareness, trust, motivation, communication, teamwork and more will be explored in relation to the values, vision, and mission of individuals and organizations. Students will explore how to “be” rather than what to “do” – utilizing values to steer actions, articulate a vision, and secure commitment from others through shared beliefs. 

In partnership with Life Strategies, the updated Values-Based Leadership Series curriculum, originally developed by ASPECT, meets the needs of busy executives and emerging leaders.  Two in-person sessions combined with a series of online components facilitate networking and collaborative learning. Students who complete all required series components (6 core courses, 3 electives, and the capstone project), will receive a credential. Alternatively, students can select one or more individual courses (core or elective) for immediate application to their work environment. The series is designed to accommodate a busy work life, to fill in gaps in understanding or as a full first step into leadership.