Job Developers have an important role to play in helping candidates (i.e., job-seeking clients) find meaningful employment and creating strong partnerships with employers; they make a crucial link between the agencies supporting candidates and the local business community. Job Developers need to be equipped to support diverse candidates while also meeting the needs of employers. This course will outline best practices in job development including understanding diverse candidates, preparing candidates for employment, making effective candidate-employer matches, maintaining effective relationships with employers, and dealing with challenges and concerns that may arise.

This course will review CCPA’s code of ethics and standards of practice, providing an essential foundation for ethical practice. Students will review and apply the CCPA ethical decision-making model to case vignettes that include a variety of ethical dilemmas and complex counselling challenges involving “shades of grey.” For counsellors who haven’t previously completed an ethics course recognized by CCPA, this self-directed, online course serves as a foundation for the Ethics Refresher course, which is more in-depth and instructor-led.

Personality Dimensions® is a comprehensive model that deepens understanding of, and appreciation for, individual differences. To use this model, True Colors / MBTI certified facilitators need to successfully complete the Bridging program.

Case management is a process that facilitates client access to appropriate services and supports. This course is designed to equip case managers to conduct needs assessments, conceptualize cases, prioritize client needs, collaborate with clients to develop action plans and select interventions, and follow-up to ensure clients have achieved their identified goals. The course will also provide tips and techniques for managing time, systems, and data including case notes and documentation, regardless of the data management system – essential competencies for all case managers.