Student Handbook

3. Administrative Policies and Procedures

3.11. Course Challenge Policy (CMPP Only)

If a student is completing a certificate within the Career Management Professional Program (CMPP), he/she may challenge up to two courses. Each challenge has several components including:

  • Remittance of the $100 (plus tax) fee per challenge
  • Brief summary of how he/she has already achieved the course learning objectives (see course outlines)
  • Demonstration of his/her knowledge, skills, and abilities related to the course topics, through a tip sheet assignment (i.e., handout for clients or colleagues) or some other resource that can be shared on the course site

A student can challenge any course to receive full course credit. Note: transcript will state “successfully challenged.” 

Upon purchase of each course challenge the student has 30 days to submit an outline as to how he/she has met the learning objectives, plus 1 week to complete and submit a tip sheet or similar assignment as stipulated by Life Strategies.