Technical Tips & Tricks

Life Strategies recognizes that our students have different comfort levels, experiences, and preferences for online learning. Our goal is to provide a streamlined e-learning experience. To support your success, these technical tips and tricks have been compiled to support students using Life Strategies' e-learning management system, Moodle. This includes students from Life Strategies' LearnOnline programs as well as courses Life Strategies’ is hosting for external training providers

In each course, there is a Technical Support forum where you can post additional questions or concerns that are not addressed here. For direct assistance, please feel free to call our offices (604-856-2386) or email

1. Computer Requirements

1.4. Uploading Files

We do not expect you to upload many files to the course site. The exceptions may be a photo for your profile, and your assignments. There is a maximum file size (100 MB) that the system allows. If you try to upload a file that is too big as the system will tell you that no file was found. On rare occasions, some assignments that are particularly graphic/image heavy may be too large to upload. Please keep this in mind when completing your assignments. If you are not sure how big your file is, highlight the file in the dialog box (as if you were going to double-click to open the file) then right-click and choose properties. The size will be displayed for you. (If you’d like to check while still creating the document within MSWord, simply left click on File/Properties/General.). Please ensure you submit files in a standard program and editable format, such as a Word document.