Technical Tips & Tricks

Life Strategies recognizes that our students have different comfort levels, experiences, and preferences for online learning. Our goal is to provide a streamlined e-learning experience. To support your success, these technical tips and tricks have been compiled to support students using Life Strategies' e-learning management system, Moodle. This includes students from Life Strategies' LearnOnline programs as well as courses Life Strategies’ is hosting for external training providers

In each course, there is a Technical Support forum where you can post additional questions or concerns that are not addressed here. For direct assistance, please feel free to call our offices (604-856-2386) or email

4. Course Activities

4.8. Lesson

Lessons   will walk you through content in a structured manner. Although these lessons are not graded, they are an important learning activity. Generally, within the lesson, you’ll find some brief content followed by a question. Select the answer you think is correct and click “Submit.” The page will refresh and at the bottom, it will show if your answer was correct and why or why not. If incorrect, we’ll suggest some additional readings to help you better understand the topic.

You can then move onto the next section by clicking “Continue” (or some similar text) at the bottom of the page. 

When you’ve reached the end of the lesson, you can return to the main course page.

Some lessons can only be completed once, whereas others permit you to attempt repeatedly. In most circumstances we’ve also included a progress bar so you know how far along you are in the lesson. If you are attempting the lesson for a second time, the progress bar will reset.