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Herky is amazing!! I'm so grateful that I had him for 3 courses and especially for my very last Life Strategies course!!!

You can tell that Herky is seriously knowledgeable and experienced in the classes he teaches. He is also very responsive and uses lots of humour and fun!!!

Thanks guys for a great learning experience in this program. I thought I was going to hate this course, but it ended up being one of my favourites. Very, very great experience - thanks to all!


Herky is awesome. Respectful, kind, knowledgeable. Really enjoy learning from him. He's a keeper!


The content of the course can really help improve skills for experienced practitioners and for those just starting out in career counselling


Great materials, tips and most of all, awesome teacher!


Jayne was a great instructor -- I found her comments and questions to be insightful and helpful.


I was kind of thrown into case management without the training two years ago. If my peers are working the same way this is a good course for them to ground themselves into case management standards.


I liked the pace of this course [Job Developer], and some of the feedback from other students was insightful and relevant, and I came away with some good tips. I also liked most of the "tip sheets" and found some useful content. The assignments encouraged creative thinking, which made them interesting to do. I appreciated that the textbook readings were short and to the point, though for me much of the content was very general and didn't add much to my learning (I have worked in this field for a number of years - I think someone brand new to the field would have gotten more out of the course in general). The "theories" section of the course was the part that for me really stood out as needing an overhaul - there were way too many theories presented far too briefly, and so then to ask us to apply these theories seemed an exercise doomed to be superficial. I'd recommend a quality over quantity approach and pare down the list of theories to just a handful of the most significant. If I were to suggest an addition, I'd like to have seen a section on trends in resumes and cover letters, since this is a practical part of the job that I deal with everyday (far more often than some of the other topics covered).


Great course - I was able to learn a lot in a short period of time and really do feel like I gained a lot of knowledge.


Very detailed course with excellent learning material

Everything applied to the purpose of the course

Very in depth, feedback from instructor was very helpful


I found the dashboard very user friendly with Life Strategies. It was great to be able to interact with other learners as well.


This was my first online course experience. I loved it !!!! I enjoyed being able to schedule my time around completing the course requirements and being able to work from home. 

Diana has a lovely online presence and is very helpful and knowledgeable !!!!!!! 


Thanks this was my first time and when need be I would certainly take another and recommend this to others.


This course is very well designed, I enjoyed it and found that it had my interest from start to finish.


Michael was positive but really made me think!

The course surpassed my expectations.  The instructor provided positive feedback and challenged the students to think beyond the obvious.


I found the course very helpful and helped my hone my career management skills.


Super happy with the customer service from registration, to directions on how to move forward with the course work, managing the site and working through the course work. A very pleasant experience.

As a new Case Manager, the Career Development course has helped me gain the foundations


Great course, every service provider working with the public should take this training.

Jayne has taught this old gal new things that I thought I already knew.  She is a great instructor and provides excellent constructive criticisms to benefit your future.  Thanks Jayne, keep up the great work!


Kudos to you Diana, amazing instructor and facilitator. Thank you Life Strategies, it was truly a valuable experience. 

The course assignments challenged me to tap me into my inquisitive self in a good way.

Ethics for Career Practitioner has helped me gain a deeper understanding of what is ethically accepted and morally right.

My Life Strategies experience has been amazing, this is my first online course and it was well laid out and offered a lot of useful resources, articles and experiences from others.


Details of this program are necessary and valueable as a knowledge base for others in my field  


If colleagues are interested in psychometry I would suggest this course because of the course content, length, and realistic assignment work.

Enjoyed the provided readings, and the ability to conduct assessments followed by writing reports. I found this course very applicable to the real world and my future career goals.

Enjoyed the insight on Coaching Sessions


It provoked thought and deepened insight into important issues.


Anahita provided great feedback on assign

ments and thought provoking questions on the discussion posts


I really enjoyed the course and felt the knowledge I gained was well worth the cost involved.  I would definitely take another course from Life Strategies


This was among the more relevant and practically applicable LS courses I've taken so far. I really enjoyed it, and would recommend it to anyone in a coaching role. 

The assignments offered lots of opportunity to dig into the material more, and to obtain some practical experience in its application. I found this very beneficial.


Diana was encouraging, knowledgeable, and flexible.

I really liked the course text. I'll be bookmarking that one for sure!


Unlike many online programs I have taken or enrolled in, the website is very user friendly, instructors are supportive and reachable, always offering reflective and constructive feedback. I learned to write a lot of tip sheets in this courses.


Kristine was amazing, accommodating and understanding. She is a great asset to your team.

I learned a great deal of information. We have to take this course and I think its a great place to take it. I like that it can be done in 2 weeks via distance as we live in a remote, isolated community.


This course was well worth the time and energy required to complete. I will put more time into learning all there is to learn, which is tremendous. 

I am grateful for all I learned. Thank you!


The assignments definitely helped me put my learning into context. I appreciated having the opportunity to apply the theories and models to my own life and career path.

Kristine is an excellent instructor! Always appreciative of her feedback and her active engagement and participation within the discussion forums.

It provided an excellent background to the world of case management, and I can definitely say it helped provide context and clarity around the role of a case manager.


This course was an amazing overall experience, it supported and facilitated my learning and allowed me to learn the fundamental Career Development Foundations, Emerging Theories and Models. I was very impressed with the ease and flow of the course and would definitely recommend it to any Career Counselor seeking to broaden their knowledge.

Entry link: Anonymous

Autumn Wood

Jayne's feedback was precisely what I needed to stay on track and re-affirmed what I already had knowledge of. Also, it built professional confidence to have gentle redirection when I wasn't quite spot on and had me open my mind to new ways of thinking.

Entry link: Autumn Wood


Barb Litwin

Up until now, my case coordination was based on my own experiences and my preferred activities for a client’s job search. I favoured the assessments as I had personal experience with them and felt they were quite useful. Now I realize so many variables were never taken into account and this was not fair to the clients. I think one of the main impacts [the Theories and Ethics courses] will have on me is to move toward a much more objective approach with an improved focus on inclusivity. 

To be honest, I cannot truly find the words to define the impact this course has had on my work as a career practitioner because I am feeling so elated just knowing I have all this information and [I look forward] to continuing to learn, better understand and practice this knowledge with clients.

~ Barb Litwin, Theories and Ethics student

Entry link: Barb Litwin


Christine Boyd

Thank you again, Roberta, for the true pleasure of learning. You have a lovely style of teaching and facilitating. I'm grateful for this course and the opportunities to apply it while in class. Now at work I'll have some great ways to offer guidance that will increase my confidence.

~ Christine Boyd, Nelson BC, Career Management Counselor. Kootenay Career Development Society, Stress Management and Meditation Facilitator

Entry link: Christine Boyd


Taking this course has definitely reinforced for me why I think that all people working as career development practitioners should take a course on ethics, especially one specific to our field. Ethical practice is fundamental to our work. I feel that my learning objectives were met fully and if I could do one thing differently it would be to have taken this course earlier.

CM - Ethics Student

Entry link: CM


Denise Ayi-Bonte

Having worked as a career facilitator for Douglas College for five years work collaboration with case managers has been a constant factor; hence my understanding of case management is of solid nature but not particularly deep. As such, I decided to take the case manager certification to enhance my understanding. I had no idea what to expect from the course and quietly questioned whether it would be worth the while or provide me with any new knowledge. Two days into the course I had my answers – yes this course exceeded my expectations and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Course outlines, Course material, Learning Objectives, as well as Feed Back from participants and instructors, were very useful and relevant. I recommend this course to anyone who values continuous learning.

~ Denise Ayi-Bonte, Case Manager Student

Entry link: Denise Ayi-Bonte


Ella Valdez

As always, Dr. Diana Abath is an amazing facilitator, her insights and assertions are valued and inspired me so much.

Entry link: Ella Valdez

Emmanuel Shamatutu

The Case Manager course is a cutting edge, integrative, inspiring approach to Case Management . . . offering practical and motivational content to help you gain the courage to take charge of your case loads. I strongly recommend the course to anyone seeking a new approach to Case Management.

~ Emmanuel Shamatutu, CCDP, Senior Career Consultant Career Builder Plus David lam Campus

Entry link: Emmanuel Shamatutu

Ennie Chipembere Chikwema

It’s a real honor and privilege to be on your program, to be taught by you, to read you and to be going into partnership with you Thank you for everything you have done and are doing for the career development profession in Canada and abroad. One of them being designing a very robust and good program that is also open to international students who would otherwise not have accessed such professional development. My people and I thank you and your team

Ennie Chipembere Chikwema, Head – Programme Quality, M&E, Learning and Knowledge | Actionaid International

Entry link: Ennie Chipembere Chikwema


Gulnara Aituarova

I was initially reluctant to sign up for an on-line course as I prefer a face-to-face interaction in class. I was pleasantly surprised how participation in various topic-focused forums gave me a feeling of connection with other virtual classmates and that I could tap onto wisdom and knowledge of others just as if I would have done it in class. The website was very easy to navigate and all the necessary information and materials were easily accessible. The topics were related to my current job and many times after forums or assignments I was more inspired and motivated to do more and be a better Job Developer!

The Life Strategies team members were effective and provided me with feedback and information on a very timely and efficient manner.

I will definitely recommend you to other Job Developers who didn't have a chance to experience your well-designed course.

~ Gulnara Aituarova, Job Developer, ISSofBC Skills Connect Program

Entry link: Gulnara Aituarova

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