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Carla Carvalho

Dear Roberta, I am so grateful for this course! It is not just about the content, which I appreciate very much. It is also about the quality of interaction as well. I confess I was very nervous because I thought there would be a lot of details to memorize, law language, jargon, etc. – pure fantasies! Now I can say that I feel quite comfortable with our code and how it works. I think it is very important that all counsellors take this course or get an update once in a while, but this course is especially relevant to those like me, who have studied and have experience outside Canada. We start to better understand how the society and culture, and the counselling culture works here. I feel deeply grateful for your feedbacks and suggestions. Thank you!

Christine Boyd

Thank you again, Roberta, for the true pleasure of learning. You have a lovely style of teaching and facilitating. I'm grateful for this course and the opportunities to apply it while in class. Now at work I'll have some great ways to offer guidance that will increase my confidence.

~ Christine Boyd, Nelson BC, Career Management Counselor. Kootenay Career Development Society, Stress Management and Meditation Facilitator


Taking this course has definitely reinforced for me why I think that all people working as career development practitioners should take a course on ethics, especially one specific to our field. Ethical practice is fundamental to our work. I feel that my learning objectives were met fully and if I could do one thing differently it would be to have taken this course earlier.

CM - Ethics Student